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We transform the world's bits into data for your pipeline.


 We gather the data, we sort & process the data, we create the pipeline, all ready for your system. All in real-time.

Cost Effective

You don’t hire data experts. You don’t hire process engineers. You don’t hire system analysts. It’s all done by us.

Fast Turnaround

Build your system in days, not months

Whatever data challenges you face, we can get you where you need to go.

The data we manage, build, transform and ingest in our customized pipelines, we serve in real-time in scale.


Daily Data Transfers

Decision Made Simple

Advanced decision making in real-time

Produce real-time decisions that have an impact.Todays applications require decision making in real-time.

“ BitBraze made our internal application not just smart, but more effective. ” – Elise Smith, Product Manager

Download our data pipeline whitepaper.

Integrate data into your pipeline today.